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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Upholstery Cleaning

Which is dirtier, your carpet or your sofa?

Your sofa. Believe it or not, upholstery gets even dirtier than carpeting. Besides sharing the dirt, dust, dust mites and other allergens that are found in carpets, your upholstery absorbs perspiration, dead skin flakes, body oils from skin and hair, and stains from food and beverage spills. If your furry friends sit on your furniture, add dander and animal hair to that list.

Don't wait until your furniture looks dirty to clean it

There are two good reasons to clean your upholstery before it looks dirty:

  1. The longer dirt is allowed to build up on the fabric, the greater the damage to the fabric because it's been in contact with the dirt. Basically, your upholstery will wear out sooner.
  2. When upholstery is noticeably dirty, the treatments may need to be more intensive to get the same great results, which will make a greater impact on your wallet.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs offers cleaning services for all types of fabric upholstery, including natural fibers like cotton and wool and synthetic fabrics, like microfiber. We also provide mattress cleaning and leather cleaning, for all your furniture cleaning needs. Even more, you can reply on us when you need:


Fabric Upholstery

Our experienced technicians have an arsenal of supplies just for stain removal, since different types of stains require different treatments. And fiber identification is also really important. Natural fibers absorb spills in a very different way from synthetics, and some fibers will respond better to lower moisture cleaning methods than to steam cleaning. There's no need to cover your dining chairs with plastic - we remove all kinds of food-based stains, and we can apply stain protection for you to help keep unsightly stains to a minimum in between cleanings.

We use professional grade cleaning equipment for our upholstery cleaning, with safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions appropriate for sofas, recliners, ottomans and dining sets.

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites thrive in mattresses, subsisting on a diet of dead skin flakes. And mattresses get stained by all kinds of bodily fluids, like blood, urine, and vomit. UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs focuses on mattress cleaning because we spend too much time in bed asleep for our mattresses to be dirty and smelly. With enzymatic stain treatments we will neutralize stains and release their odors for a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment.


Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather is luxurious and durable and will last three to four times as long as fabric upholstery when cared for properly. Proper leather care includes cleaning to remove surface dust and dirt, paired with moisturizing treatments to keep the leather from drying out, cracking and peeling. Never use baby wipes or any other kind of chemical product on leather. Leather must be cleaned only with leather care products to avoid irreversible damage to the leather.

Call UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs for all your upholstery cleaning needs. 954-543-7221. We back up all of our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

"I can’t believe what a difference a clean couch makes. It was dirty from grimy hands from kids and pets lying on it. Thank you. Will use you again when we need upholstery cleaning."

- Justin R.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 954-543-7221
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