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Sometimes it's easy to tell when your carpet needs cleaning. Just use your eyes to find the stains and your nose to sniff out stale or unpleasant odors.

But does your carpet still need cleaning, even if it looks and smells fine?

Leading carpet manufacturers say yes, if it's been two years since your last carpet cleaning. That's because even well-vacuumed carpet conceals hidden dust and dirt that adhere to the carpet's fibers, rubbing away at them and wearing the carpet out before it's time. And carpet can also conceal pollen, dust mites, dander, bacteria, mold and viruses that can trigger allergies or asthma attacks or just make you sick.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs is your source for carpet cleaning in Coral Springs. Clean carpet is important for your health, so we use the best carpet cleaning equipment to get the job done, for a clean that's through and through. And we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning supplies, because we share your concerns about chemical residue in our living environment. Our professional carpet cleaners not only know a variety of methods for cleaning carpets, but they know which method would be best to use with your carpet.

Our Cleaning Methods

Great-looking Carpet Between Cleanings

Carpet doesn't have to look dirty between maintenance cleanings. Here are some tips to keep your carpet looking great.

If you do get stains, think carefully before treating them yourself. Using the wrong cleanser can set the stain, and make it difficult or impossible to get out. For best results, leave stain removal to the carpet cleaning experts.

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