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5 Cleaning Mistakes Which Can Badly Ruin Your Upholstery

Upholstered furniture takes quite a beating and wears out. If you have children and, possibly, a pet, they will double this load. It's critical to keep your upholstery in good condition by self-efforts and professionals. However, there are a number of popular mistakes in the daily care of furniture that should be avoided. These cleaning mishaps might damage your furniture for a long time. Our upholstery cleaning experts decided to talk about such mistakes in this article.


Vigorous Scrubbing

One of the major misjudgments people make in this case is when they apply harsh scrubbing on the stains. While rubbing on tough spots, dirt, and grime may seem tempting, scrubbing impairs fibers. Also, it can drive this dirt even deeper into the fabric, so it is hard to clean this dirt. The better removal option is to dab them with clean tissue while they are still fresh. Yet, a spot cleaner is for the older stains. Even better, hiring professional upholstery cleaning experts, like UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs, might be the better answer.

Using Water to Clean the Upholstery

Allowing your upholstery to get wet is perhaps the greatest mistake you can ever make. The stains from pure water are as ugly as marks on the fabric. However, when the fabric is made of natural fiber, getting wet can lead to unexpected problems. For example, natural leather can shrink from moisture, and silk can unravel. In order to clean up a larger part of the sofa, use the minimum amount of water to prevent the material from squeezing. On the other hand, a steam cleaner is the best tool to use to carry out steam cleaning without causing any damage to your furniture.

Using Harsh Cleaning Products

It is critical to bear in mind the most suitable cleaning product for your upholstery. Goods with merciless constituents, including bleach and ammonia, should be shunned. They may lead to fading as well as fabric damage, including the possibility of forms of microscopic filament slits. Before buying a solution for cleaning, first check the cloth type, and then make sure the product is safe and good for the fabric. If anything, professional cleaners for upholstery are the best people to seek when unsure. Our experts use cleaning products that protect the quality and the product' look of your sofa.


Using the Wrong Tools

A good rule of thumb is always to be careful about the type of tools that are used for cleaning upholstery. Let us take microfiber cloths, for example, which are designed to absorb liquids; therefore, they can be used to blot or spot-clean any rug with ease because of their softness and lint-free nature. Also, a soft bristle brush is a better choice for delicate fabrics rather than a hard bristle, which can do more damage. On the contrary, if you must, try soft bristles, and don't over-brush. Alternatively, for the more refined materials like suede, make sure to use the right tools for the particular job. Avoid using the wrong cleaning tools, as they result in physical and visual damage to the fabric. In view of this, sanitation pivots around the effective selection of cleaning devices and procedures that match the cloth type and texture. These pointers will ensure that your upholstery will always be there for your eyes in its most pristine condition for a very long time.

Using Incorrect Fabric Protectors

The correct fabric protector can give results to keep your sofa cool for longer! These protectors are meant to counteract stains and provide extended life for the upholstery. However, proper use is key. Using the incorrect product or not following the directions might also lead to damage to your furniture. To prolong the life of your furniture, find the right fabric protector for your upholstery and apply it carefully. And always apply safe cleaning methods. If you're not clear on which protector to use or how to put it on correctly, don't be shy and seek advice.

For more help, reach out to our professional experts at UCM Carpet Cleaning Coral Springs. We are a team of well-mannered and experienced upholstery and carpet cleaners who are always at your service. If you are in Coral Springs, FL, and you are dealing with a stain or just want to keep your furniture looking fabulous, we are here for you.

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